Northern Michigan Speedway

Short track racing


Grandstand Gates open 5 pm Saturday 
Racing starts at 7:00 pm

Pit gates open at 2:00 pm hot lapping 
until the time trials 5:30 pm.

Are you a fan of Northern Michigan Speedway? This year we are going to start off 2020 season with new track records in 4-Cylinders, Factory Stock & Pro Stock, Mini-Wedges, Sport Mods.

Track Record held by Jordon Pruitt in the Modified Division is 14.61


Adults  $10.00
Child 13 & under $5.00
Under 5 years FREE
Seniors  $8.00
Pit Pass $30.00
Mini-Wedges driver is free. Parents $15 each

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Northern Michigan Speedway


2020 Schedule below

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Are you a fan of Northern Michigan Speedway? I know you are! Follow our schedule and come on down to my next race. I’ll save a seat for you! Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action by checking out what other events that are coming up and making your own appearance. I know you’ll have a great time!


2021 Racing Schedule

🏁🏁🏁 2021 Race Schedule 🏁🏁🏁

May 28 Friday- Dash for the Cash (Time trials, band, and bonfire) pit gate opens at 5 pm 
May 29 Saturday - Season Opener (Full show)
June 12 Saturday- Full Show
June 26 Saturday- Full Show
July 2 Friday- Dash for the Cash (Time trials, band, and bonfire) pit gate opens at 5 pm 
July 3 Saturday- Full Show (Fireworks following show)
July 16 Friday- Dash for the Cash (Time trials, band, and bonfire) pit gate opens at 5 pm 
July 17 Saturday- Mid-season Championship
July 31 Saturday- Full Show
August 14 Saturday- Full Show
August 28 Saturday- Full Show
September 3 Friday- Dash for the Cash (Time trials, band, and bonfire) pit gate opens at 5 pm 
September 4 Saturday- Season Championship with Trailer Races

In the event of a rain out we will be having a mini-wedge race only on Sunday

Pit Gates open at 2 pm. qualifying at 5pm- race at 7 pm 
Grandstand gates open 4 pm

**Edit June 12th 2021 there will be NO RACING.. there will be practice only from 5pm until dark.

2055 Fall Competition

January 22, 2055 at 6:30pm

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Valued Supporters

I want to sincerely thank all of my sponsors and official partners. If you want to be a sponsor for Northern Michigan Speedway or make a donation of any kind please contact the track or Don Sevenski at 231-549-3040.  Please take a moment to learn about our valued sponsors below.


Alpine Propane


This sponsor has been a foundation of support in helping us along our journey of becoming a professional Stock Car Race Track. I’m a huge fan of Alpine Propane, and am overjoyed that they’re also a fan of racing. 

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1693
Office Address: 2121 Dickerson Rd
Gaylord, MI 49735


TURN 4 FANS Photography


Thank you to  TURN 4 FANS, for their dedicated and committed support for Northern Michigan Speedway, for several years now. We are  so fortunate to be involved with such an  personable and friendly couple that have done so much for short track racing around Northern Michigan. Check out their Facebook group to learn more.


B.C. Pizza   of Gaylord


Gooooooo B.C. Pizza ! What a thrill it is for me to be able to partner with one of my favorite sponsors. The wonderful people at B.C. Pizza  feel just as passionately about competitive sports and racing as we do, and we’ve been able to accomplish so much together in collaboration.  Thank You Danielle, Wayne & Chris Nelson for Supporting Northern Michigan Speedway.


Rock Auto


Thank you to my sponsor, Rock Auto,  for their dedicated and committed support all these years. We are  so fortunate to be involved with such an important and generous sponsor. And a great asset to the racing community. For all your auto needs.Check out their website to learn more.


About Northern Michigan Speedway

Passion. Persistence. Perseverance.

As a  Stock Car Race Track in Elmira Michigan, that has been operating since 1970 with original Family. It’s a pleasure and an honor to represent the community We call home. While We absolutely love racing and competing, We like to think of ourselves as more than just an Track owners. We're working hard to be positive role models to the youth of today by promoting physical activity, fair play, and building a legacy people will remember  for a long. I want short track racing to continue for the next generation.  And we can only do that with the cooperation of everyone from Track owners, racers, and fans. Enough of the negativity and bashing of other tracks, Lets all work together to prevent short tracking racing from being a thing of the past, but a part of their future.


Over Running your Time

If you over run your time you will be black flagged and start at the back for the rest of the races for that night.


Don Sevenski

If you want to get in touch or have any questions for me, please contact me using the form below.

8258 Huffman Lake Road,  Elmira Michigan 49730


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4-Cylinder Pure Stock Rules 2020


Pure Stock 4-Cylinder


NOTE:  RACECEIVERS and TRANSPONDERS MANDATORY!  All drivers will be required to operate a raceceiver during all hotlap sessions, qualifying and race events.  These devices will be used for on-track safety notice, disciplinary action and line-up procedures.
Raceceiver is to be tuned to 454.0000.

Any driver who does not have a Raceceiver on, or operational, will be instructed to leave the track.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
Radios and mirrors ARE NOT permitted.

There will be NO WARNINGS given out for bad behavior such as; No throwing a fit on the racetrack or pit area NO jumping on the track officials, NMSW officials, scorers, flagman or track owner. No going to another pit to argue this includes driver, crew and anyone. You WILL NOT exit your car on the track. 

1)  This is not a “bump & run” class, demolition derby or “enduro”.  This is a beginner class and it will be run as all other classes are run at this race track.

2)  Parents or guardians of those under 18 must sign a waiver/release for the minor and bring their birth certificate.  The track owner has the final say in determining if he feels the participant is ready to try racing.

3)  Cars/trucks must be 1966 or newer, front or rear wheel drive, 4 cylinders, non turbo charged, passenger cars, station wagons, or compact trucks.  4-wheel drive trucks are allowed if one drive shaft is disconnected (front or rear).  Maximum wheel base is 108”, except for station wagons.  Mini-vans are allowed.  All cars must pass inspection.

4)  ALL glass must be removed (interior & exterior).  Windshields are mandatory (safety glass).  No rear view mirrors.  All exterior trim must be removed.  All flammable material, excluding dashboard, must be removed.  Racing seat is mandatory.  Aftermarket 5-point seat belt required - must be secured to the roll cage.  Doors must be welded shut.  Hood and trunk must be secured with hood pins for easy access.  OEM latches must be removed/disabled.  All holes in floor pan and firewall must be covered.  Fenders may be trimmed (not excessively) to remove rust.  Front fenders may be cut out.  Stock appearing bumpers required, and may be welded in place.  Bumper ends must be capped to prevent hooking of bumpers.  Spoilers/non-functinald hood scoops are allowed.

-- Passenger seat allowed - must follow same rules as for drivers seat - must be racing seat, 5-point seat belt, window net, door plate and roll cage.  Extra steering wheel or bar recommended for passenger to hang on to.

5)  Tires:  Stock tires and wheels only - 60 series D.O.T. maximum; no slichs allowed; maximum 7” wide rims. Off-set rims allowed.  16” tires may run - max. 7 ½” rims.  Or American Racer 23.7, 13” or 14” treaded tire.  No Falcon tires. No Directional Tires allowed!

6)  Mufflers:  Mandatory.  Catalytic converter may be removed.  Maximum 100Db at 100 feet.  Any good muffler is allowed, but if muffler falls off, car will be black-flagged.  Exhaust pipe 2” O.D. maximum.

7)  Steering & Suspension:  Stock only - no modifications; camber adjustments allowed on front wheels.

8)  Cooling system:  Any stock radiator allowed - must fit in stock brackets.  180-degree fan shroud required.  An overflow container mounted in engine compartment is required.  No anti-freeze, only water, in radiator.

9)  Fuel Cell:  All cars must use a cell type fuel tank mounted to the trunk floor with a minimum of two 1”x1/16” straps in ech direction, bolted through the floor using doubler plates or installed in a safely constructed manner between the frame rails.  Tanks must be sealed off from drivers compartment by metal plate.  No bottom draw tanks allowed.  Maximum size of tank is 8 gallons.  Cars equipped with electric fuel pumps must install a toggle type switch, clearly marked in a bright contrasting color, at the base of the drivers “A” pillar.  Oil pressure switch for fuel pump mandatory - shut-off or mercury switch.

10)  Roll bars/cage:  Minimum 4-point roll cage is mandatory (full cage is recommended), constructed of at least 1.5” O.D., .095” side wall roll bar steel tubing.  No exhaust pipe tubing or water pipe.  It is mandatory that the roll cage be welded or bolted to 1/8” thick, 6”x6” steel plate and bolted to floor pan using doubler plate under floor pan.  Drivers door must have at least 3 roll-bar-type bars welded to roll cage and covered with a minimum 18”x24”x1/8” thick steel plate.  Mandatory foot plates must be 10”x30”x1/8” thick steel.  No offset cages.  All roll cages must pass inspection.

11)  Numbers;  Must be at least 18” high, in a contrasting color to car; must have numbers on driver and passenger door.  Time keepers must be able to read numbers.

12)  Window nets:  Window nets, with quick release mechanism, required on drivers window.

13)  Clothing:  Fire retardant racing suit (1-piece or 2-piece) is mandatory.  Helmet support (neck brace) is mandatory.  Fire retardant gloves and shoes are strongly recommended.

14)  Helmet:  Mandatory - 85 snell or better.

15)  Fire Extinguishers:  Mandatory - a charged 2-pound minimum ABC or BC rated steel fire extinguisher with gauge must be mounted in a quick release bracket within reach of the driver.

16)  Engines: 350 or 500 cfm holley carburetors allowed.

                  Fuel injection - must be for year and make of vehicle

                 Throttle body/multi-port fuel injection carburetor - must be for year and make of vehicle

                 Adaptor plate allowed 

                 No aluminum heads on Mustangs and Ford Rangers.

                 Maxiumum Cut on heads is 125 thousands


17)  Weight;  All cars - 2300 lbs.  Track officials may add 100 lbs or reduce air intake to slow car up to equal out class.

18)  Air intake restrictors and adaptors may be used in cars to reduce



Factory & Pro-Stock Rules 2020


               Factory & Pro-Stock


Race-receivers and Transponders are Mandatory.

There will be NO WARNINGS given out for bad behavior such as; No throwing a fit on the racetrack or pit area NO jumping on the track officials, NMSW officials, scorers, flagman or track owner. No going to another pit to argue this includes driver, crew and anyone. You WILL NOT exit your car on the track. 

The ABC Stock Car Division is designed to allow the competition of many different variations of stock cars which are currently racing at most local short tracks in Michigan and surrounding areas or have raced in the past. 
The most common classes of cars are typically known as Sportsman, Street/Factory Stock, and Pure Stock. Other names for allowable classes to compete in this series might be Pro Stock, Super Stock, Factory Stock and Lead Sled.
This division is designed for current up to date race cars as well as what many consider to be old and outdated race cars.

The basic ABC Stock Car is V8 powered and rear wheel drive. Teching in this division is very easy since all areas of enforcement are clearly visible. Teardowns are not needed in this division. In addition to the requirement of V8 and RWD, there are some ultimate limits to what is allowed. Those limits are covered in these rules.  Even though there is a very wide range of cars allowed in the ABC Division, the basic concept allows everyone to be competitive because of the feature race format. The generic ABC name is derived from the features that will be run, A-main, B-main, and C-main.  The format allows for an unlimited number of cars to race since additional features can be added.  The ABC concept allows everyone to be able to compete in a feature along with other drivers and cars of similar speed. There are no consi races or semi features. Everyone qualifies for a feature, the A-main, B-main, or C-main, depending on the qualifying times. (or D-main, E-main, etc)

Any car that is deemed too radical and too much outside of the rules of typical stock car classes (by components or speed) that can be found competing at various other area tracks will not be allowed. With that said, the rules for this series are fairly open, but will be controlled by Northern Michigan Speedway officials if necessary. Interpretation of these rules is for the track officials and their decision is FINAL!

NOTE:  RACECEIVERS MANDATORY!  All drivers will be required to operate a raceceiver during all hotlap sessions, qualifying and race events.  These devices will be used for on-track safety notice, disciplinary action and line-up procedures.
Raceceiver is to be tuned to 454.0000.

Any driver who does not have a Raceceiver on, or operational, will be instructed to leave the track.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
Radios and mirrors ARE NOT permitted.

1. Factory production uni-body cars

2. Factory stock full frame cars.

3. Stock front sub frames from front of forward steering box mount rearward to 2” past rear lower control arm mount must remain stock with tubed center and rear sections. 

Must have stock crossmember.  Crossmember may be altered for fuel pump location.


4. Minimum wheel base is 102 inches

1. The most important rule here is that bodies MUST REMAIN AS STOCK APPEARING AS POSSIBLE. This means that cars must have all body panels (hood, roof, deck lid, fenders, doors, quarter panels, nose, and tail) that would be seen on any street legal production car/truck. Any cars that do not look like a stock car/truck will not be legal.

2. Rear panels must be fully enclosed from top of rear deck to bumper and from left quarter panel to right quarter panel.

3. Maximum overall width of any part of the car is 82 inches

4. Bodies may be factory stock production, fabricated stock appearing, or template style. Again the key point is to keep it stock appearing.

5. Bodies may be constructed of sheet metal, aluminum, or fiberglass, Plastic nose/tail bumper covers OK.

6. Nose Rule: Noses must be stock appearing or ABC template style. NO outlaw asphalt or dirt late model noses. Noses must be vertical, not laid back.

7. Tail Panel Rule: Tails must be stock appearing or ABC template style. Tails must match nose and roof. IE: truck to truck, car to car.

8. Roof must include A and B pillars of original type design for that roof and must be centered on the body. IE: Monte to Monte, Camaro to Camaro. No Outlaw teardrop roof with A or B pillar added.

1. Must have working brakes at all four wheels

2. In-cockpit brake adjusters are permitted

1. Must be production style cast iron block with cast iron heads. NO ALUMINUM HEADS. 

2. GM Crate engine option for 350/350 hp. P.N.88958602 including spec. carburetor allowed.

3. Wet sump with internal oil pump only. NO DRY SUMP ENGINES

4. Any intake with any single 2bbl or 4bbl carburetor.

5. Engine set back to be measured at balljoint centerline closest to foreward most spark plug on engine. set back is not to exceed 4" rearward from the foreward most spark plug. engines in the 2.01" range to 4" range are to carry an additional 25# of ballast anchored with 1/2" bolts. chassis with more than 4" of set back are ineligible for competition.

6. No magneto ignitions.

7. Any stock manual or automatic transmission. Must have working reverse gear.

8. Bert/Brinn/other racing transmissions OK

1. Headers allowed

2. single or dual exhaust OK.

3. Mufflers are mandatory

4. Exhaust must exit behind driver and may not pass through driver compartment

5. Must be able to pass 100 decibel test.

1. Four post roll cage of quality construction/welding is required. Cage must be constructed of round tubing and may not be black pipe material. Must be welded, not bolted together

2. Center section of cage must have at least 4 door bars on left side and at least 3 on right side.

3. Left side of cage must have 1/8 inch minimum steel plate welded on. Plate must extend front upright to rear upright and from top door bar to frame rail

4. All bars within reach of any part of the drivers body must be padded with approved roll bar padding

5.  Steering shafts must have a minimum of 2 U-Joints or collapsible steering column.

6. Aluminum racing seat properly mounted to roll cage is required

7. Properly mounted five point racing/safety harness is required. Harness must have a date tag and be no older than 5 years old

8. Properly mounted window net with quick release is required on the driver’s side

9. A racing fuel cell is mandatory, stock gas tanks are not allowed. If the bottom of the fuel cell is located below the bottom of the frame rails, it must be protected with a steel hoop properly welded to the frame behind the cell

10. Front and rear firewalls must be completely sealed from the driver's compartment

11. Battery must not be located in the driver's compartment

12. Master shut off switch to main battery cable must be placed near driver, preferably on the A pillar, for easy access by driver and safety crew is mandatory

13. Dbl layer fire suit or sgl layer fire suit and helmet required (see general rules)

14. Gloves, race shows, Neck brace/Hans device highly recommended.

15. Fully charged and properly mounted fire extinguisher is mandatory; 2.5 lbs. minimum.

1. Maximum spoiler dimensions are 6 ½” X 60”

2. Spoiler must be centered on rear deck.

3. Supports made of small tube or bar material ok, but must be no higher than the top of the spoiler.

4. No verticals allowed on spoilers, strut or strap style supports only.


1. Tubular upper control arms allowed.

2. Stock steel lower non-adjustable control arms only.

3. Screw jacks allowed.

4. No Coil over shocks allowed.

5. No rack and pinion steering allowed.


1. Upper and lower control arms may be adjustable.

2. Coil over shocks allowed. Shocks must be fully contained with no external components, lines, canisters, etc.

3. Screw jacks allowed.

4. Stock four link OK

5. Three link ok.

6. Quick change rear end cars will be considered as an A car division, ford 9 inch OK

7. All steering boxes factory mounted will be considered a B and a C Class. 

A-Class: allowed to run Hooser D 800, Hooser 970, or American Racer 970. Visiting cars may run their track tires.

B-Class: American Racer 970, Visiting cars may run their track tires.

C-Class: American Racer 970, Visiting cars may run their track tires.

B AND C cars on any trophy night HAVE to run American Racer tires

1. Minimum weight, with driver in race trim, is 3200lbs for all cars.

2. Any added weight must be secured with two ½ inch bolts and may not extend below the bottom of the frame rails at any point. All weight must be painted white and have car number clearly marked on it

1. Steel made for racing wheels with a maximum width of 8 inches.

2. Wide 5 hubs OK.

3. One inch minimum lug nuts, studs must be flush with outer edge of lug nut

4. Car will be deemed unsafe for racing if more than one stud on any wheel is broken


Mini-Wedge Rules 2020

Rules & Regulations

Race-receivers and Transponders are Mandatory

Rules may be changed / amended by NMSW, when deemed necessary.

There will be NO WARNINGS given out for bad behavior such as; No throwing a fit on the racetrack or pit area NO jumping on the track officials, NMSW officials, scorers, flagman or track owner. No going to another pit to argue this includes driver, crew and anyone. You WILL NOT exit your car on the track. 

2020 Rules & Regulations:

Car                                         Section 1
Engine                                    Section 2
Race Rules                             Section 3
Driver Personal Safety            Section 4
Race Procedure                      Section 5

The NMSW encourages a fun, family atmosphere. Times may arise that are stressful and upsetting to both parents and the driver. When addressing these issues, please speak in a manner that is respectful not only to the driver, but to others that are within hearing distance.

Section 1 – Car

  • Wheelbase 45” – 49”. Maximum width of the outside of the tire is 49”. There are to be no roofs, sail panels. A maximum of a 3 inch spoiler will be allowed. Spoiler side’s maximum height will be 3 inches from deck and 5 inches long.

  • All karts must be constructed of steel tubing with a complete 6-point roll cage including adequate side protection. Cages must be a minimum of .065 x 1” steel tubing welded to the frame.

  • The engine must be located behind the driver’s seat. No part of the engine can be located beside the seat.

  • Floor pans are required to be made of steel or minimum .040” aluminum. The floor pans are to be securely bolted or riveted to the frame. The length of the floor pan must go from the center of the seat to the front of the frame going past the driver’s pedals.

  • All karts must have a fully wedge Late Model appearing body. No open fenders will be allowed. There must be at least 4” of body behind the rear wheels. There will be no covered or enclosed motors all motors will remain completely visible at all times. See Body Drawings for more information.

  • Tires must be a Hoosier (15600 "11 inches tall" or 15500 "10-1/2 inch tall") FK Compound. No grooving or sipping of the tires. No treating or soaking of tires. Tires must durometer 50, any tire that durometer is 48 or less will be deemed has treated and will result in a 12-month suspension.  

  • Rim width cannot be any wider than 6-1/2” wide and must be at least 6” Tall.

  • Axle must be a Steel Axle and a minimum of 3/16" Wall Thickness. 

  • No suspension will be allowed. This includes springs, shocks, rubbers, torsion bars and any other type of dampening devise.

  • Rear deck height cannot exceed a maximum of 24” from the ground and a minimum of 20” high from the ground.

  • Body must be constructed of .040” aluminum. Plastic may be used for nose, fenders and trim.

  • Kart must weigh no less than 335 lbs. with driver after the race.When tracks split the class by age they must split it by 5-8 and 9-14 years old. The 9-14 year old kids must weigh in no less than 375 lbs with driver after the race. (NMSW Tracks can chose to weigh in before or after the race.

  • We highly encourage the doors and quarter panels to be wider than the track with at the bottom of the doors and quarters to help prevent “Wheel Hop”.

  • At least one vertical door bar must be welded on each side of the driver running from the main rail to side crash bars for driver protection. See rear side view drawing for more details.

  • Front and rear bumpers must be mounted at all times. Front and rear bumpers must have at least a 6" tall hoop. 

  • Front and rear down tubes are mandatory for driver’s protection.

  • All tubing on main roll cage must be at least .065” wall tubing.

  • Driver’s seat must be mounted in four locations (4-Bolts)

  • Two door numbers must be present with a minimum of 12”.

  • Must at all times have two return springs.

  • Kill switch must be mounted on the deck visible to officials.

  • Any weight mounted on the kart must be painted white with the drivers name and number on the weight. Weight must be mounted by at least a ½” bolt. Any weight lost during an event will result of a two week suspension.

  •  5-Point harness system is mandatory. All harness must have a SFI Rated patch.

  • All karts must have two triangle type side window nets attached to the roll bar one on each side of the driver.

  • If you run the Butlerbilt Full Containment seat you are not required to run a window net.

 Section 2 – Engine

  • Two engines will be allowed in 2018 both using a NMSW Spec Restrictor plate. Restrictor plate must be purchased from NMSW and serial number must stay with that driver.

  • 6.5 HP (212cc) OHV Predator Engine will be allowed. NMSW Spec Honda 6.5 HP Engine will also be allowed. The engine will come sealed with serial numbered tags. If the tags are removed or altered in any way it will result of a 12-month suspension. 

  • Engine must remain stock.

You can disconnect the governor.

You cannot alter the exhaust in anyway.
You can change the spark plug.
You can disconnect the low oil sensor.
You can run an ARC Air Cleaner
You can change jets.

  • Noram “Magnum” Premier clutch is allowed in 2018. 

  • Tomar 2-Disc clutch is allowed in 2018. This clutch is a spec clutch and can only be purchased from NMSW. This clutch has a spec spring, this spring is the only spring allowed in competition. You can send a Tomar 2-Disc clutch to NMSW to be converted over. At any time an NMSW official or track official can remove your spring to check wire thickness. 

  • MAX-Torque clutch is allowed in 2018. 

  • Starting in 2018 you can run 12, 13 or 14 tooth Clutches. (This is to help decrease our rear axle gear for more ground clearance.)

  • Engine claim is set to $100, anyone finishing the feature can claim any driver at any time that is running a Harbor FRT engine. An NMSW official can also swap a motor at any time for a brand new engine. This claim is the engine only, that does not include the Carburetor, Clutch, Chain Guard or Air Cleaner. 

  • Engine claim is set to $300, anyone finishing the feature can claim any driver at any time that is running a Honda MWA GX200 engine. An NMSW official can also swap a motor at any time for a brand new engine. This claim is the engine only, that does not include the Carburetor, Clutch, Chain Guard or Air Cleaner. 

Section 3 – Race Rules

  • All drivers must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Unless you are appointed his / her legal guardian, by law, you cannot sign a release form for them. Therefore they cannot race. Any exception to this rule cannot be made by an NMSW official and must be brought before the track’s management or track’s insurance carrier for a decision.

  • All cars will be lined up according to their pill draw. Failure to draw a pill before the lineup is turned into track officials. This will result in the driver starting at the tail of the heat.

  • Arguing about scoring or judgment calls will not be tolerated. Confrontations / arguments with NMSW Officials, track officials or another parent can result in a minimal suspension of 2-weeks from all NMSW sanctioned tracks.

  • The scoring tower is off limits to drivers and anyone who is not a track staff member.

  • Any parent, driver, or member of any team involved in any type of confrontation with anyone at the track will result in a suspension of driver and parent or legal guardian for at least two weeks from all NMSW events.

  • Age limit is 6-14 years of age. You must provide a copy of your birth certificate. There will be NO WARNINGS given out for bad behavior such as; No throwing a fit on the racetrack or pit area NO jumping on the track officials, NMSW officials, scorers, flagman or track owner. No going to another pit to argue this includes driver, crew and anyone with a Mini Wedge.

Section 4 – Driver Personal Safety

  • All drivers must wear an approved SFI – 1 certified or SFI13 – 2A/1 Fire Suit. SFI certification patch shall be required on fire suit.

  • A Full Face helmet will be mandatory at all tracks and all NMSW events.

  • All drivers must wear a neck brace.

  • All drivers must wear arm restraints.

  • All drivers must wear a closed toe shoe.

  • Fireproof gloves are mandatory at all NMSW events.

Section 5 – Race Procedure

  • Cautions will be thrown when a driver spins out and is stopped on the track.

  • Caution will be thrown when a driver drives off the track and is stuck.

  • The caution car (judgement call) will be put to the tail.

  • Two cautions and the driver will be black flagged for that event.

  • The black flag will be thrown when a driver is driving rough, this is a judgement call and cannot be argued.

  • The class will be split into two classes when the car count allows. 6 – 9 Year old and 10 – 14 Year old

  • Race transponders will be mandatory.

  • Heat races will be decided on by a Pill Draw.

  • Feature redraw will be set by track.

  • Top 3 will receive a trophy at the end of the night in each class.

  • Top 3 must report to tech area.


Sport Modified Rule 2020

For more information or any questions you may have about Sports Modified Rules Please contact  
Ken Payton 989-370-7070 
Tater  989-217-0443


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